Time is Money

Don't waste your time doing things you know you should let an expert do for you. The theory of competitive advantage makes it clear that one must focus on what he or she knows best while outsourcing the things that takes so much of one's energy and time for a fraction of the return. It is true. If you can't change the oil in your car, yet your car needs an oil change 3 hours before you go to work, would you attempt to spend 2.5 hrs trying to learn how to change your oil with which comes the risks of seriously injuring yourself, damaging your car, destroying the environment, and possibly hurting your family by losing your job? OR would you rather take the car to a mechanic who knows how to ch


Teamwork is not simply working together or thinking together, it's way more than just be part of the same team. Let's say in a fortune 500 company, there are multiple teams that work on an array of lines of business. Each line of business provides particular services to its clients and customers to whom commitments, satisfactions, and your company's ability to perform above average market return must be guaranteed. To guarantee such things to any client, there must be a proven process of success before any executive officer can promise such guaranteed services to anyone in a free market economy. If otherwise, for example, if a company make a promise that it cannot fulfill, it will eventually

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