We are the most adaptable accounting firm in the greater Boston area, working with us is like having your own accounting department in your business. Except, we are remotely available to you at any time that you may need us to process any accounting related tasks that we provide. We work for you.

Adaptab Taxes


      The ultimate team you need to succeed.


                We exist to make your taxes comprehensive and easy.



                Make your life easier by any means necessary.



Our Team

A dedicated pull of individuals with diverse backgrounds are always ready to serve your needs when you need them to. When it comes to finance and accounting, Adaptab has you covered. Working with anyone in the team is working with the entire team. We approach your business as a team and collaborate to provide the highest satisfactions that always exceed your expectations.

Claudy Jeune, Executive Manager

claudy.jeune@adaptabconsulting.com Phone: 617-272-3330

"My motivations are not derived only from success. I don't like to stick with the status quote, so I get motivated when things are not going well for me and for those I do business with. I am a problem solver, so I don't stop until a solution is found."


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